Since its inception in 2009, the RHAP has worked strategically with a number of partners around the right to rural health. RHAP is itself a consortium between RuDASA, WCRH and SECTION27. As there are a number of organisations in South Africa that focus specifically on access to health care in rural areas, it was decided it was necessary to strengthen the collaboration between the different organisations to achieve maximum impact from the drive, expertise and resources the organisations jointly possess.

Because human resources for health is a critical element in improving access to quality health care, one of our focus areas is to help expand and support the membership of the various rural health care worker associations . These associations can provide valuable support to their membership which in turn helps with recruitment and retention of critical personnel. In addition, we believe that it is the people on the ground who know best; they know what good practices need support and which challenges need local, provincial and national attention.

Public Oral Health Forum – a Game Changer for Rural Communities

Public Oral Health Forum – a Game Changer for Rural Communities

The Public Health Oral Forum is a critical think tank, advocacy and discussion platform that has been established by oral health care workers working for the South African government. Founded in February 2018, it seeks to unite oral health professions behind a call to advance the promotion and preservation of oral health worker rights and the c ...

Rural Health Organisations Launch the Rural Health Partners Network

Declaration Rural Health Partners Network – Rural Health – Key to a Healthy Nation On the 19th and 20th of June 2014, the following rural health organisations came together at the Sunnyside Hotel in Parktown, Johannesburg, to discuss principles and actions aimed at strengthening the existing network to achieve maximum impact for rural hea ...