Goal 2: Financing Rural Health

Rural health care receives the financial resources to provide a quality, equitable service to rural citizens

In a resource-constrained environment, it is even more critical that available resources are allocated equitably and used efficiently and effectively to achieve the greatest possible impact. There is an added financial cost to provide the same quality service to remote communities and these need to be incorporated in the policy, planning and, most importantly, budgeting process. In reality, this added cost factor is often not considered, leading to inequitable fiancing and ultimately inequitable access to care for rural communities. At the same time there have been weaknesses in how resources are being used: overspending, underspending, and the mismanagement of funds continues to compromise care in many rural settings on health care.

Our research on rural health care financing entails research on the gap between financing needs and real allocations and spending. This research then contributes to our advocacy for equitable and adequate budget allocations for care. It further entails tracking health spending and motivating for the efficient use of the available resources.

Health Care Financing Reform in South Africa: Equity, Social Justice and the NHI

In this chapter on equity, social justice and NHI, published in the AICDs 2013 Budget Justice Book, Daygan Eagar makes a compelling case for health care financing reform in South Africa. Eagar argues that “Even though the public system is underfunded when compared to the private sector, there is no doubt that it continues to underperform ...

NHI and Rural Health

This submission in response to the Green Paper on NHI is made by the Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa, the Rural Health Advocacy Project, the Wits Centre for Rural Health, the UKZN Centre for Rural Health, the Ukwanda Centre for Rural Health, Africa Health Placements, Rural Rehab South Africa and the University of Cape Town: Primary ...

IST reports on the state of the health system and the public’s right to know

More than a year after their finalisation and after many frustrated attempts by civil society organisations and the media to access them – including through the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 – SECTION27 and the Rural Health Advocacy Project (RHAP) have finally been leaked copies of all the provincial reports compiled by the Integ ...