The Rural-Proofing Policy and Budgeting Programme (RPP)

RHAP is now in the second phase of the Rural-Proofing Policy and Budgeting Programme: Realising Rural Health Rights in Times of Austerity (RRA).

The objective of the RRA is to ensure equitable access to quality health care for rural people by promoting, protecting and fulfilling the right to health. We work towards achieving this end goal by budget analysis, research and local learning sites; technical advocacy to Government; stakeholder engagement; alliance building and campaigns; popular publications; story-telling and the law. The experiences and voices of HCWs and patients play a central role in our work, enhanced by technical analyses of root causes and proposed equity-based solutions.

The RRA has two broad components:

  • Promoting adequate budgets, efficient spending and policies that improve access to health care for rural communities through rural-proofing processes and principles
  • Protecting existing services to rural communities from cost-containment measures that lead to a deterioration of access in care and that disproportionally affect rural communities

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The RHAP hosts its first bi-annual Rural-Proofing Stakeholder Forum.

On Thursday 4 July 2013, the RHAP held the first of its bi-annual Rural-Proofing Stakeholder Forum meetings. The purpose of this meeting was to: Provide a platform for stakeholders to share their experiences in health budgeting, expenditure and the provision of services in rural areas; Share the RHAP’s progress on the rural health financing asp ...

Economic policy: The poor still lose

Published in the Mail and Guardian in response to the Budget Speech  Rural areas have always been at the bottom of the list when it comes to healthcare and expenditure. By Daygan Eagar  Each year, at about this time, I start preparing to produce an analysis of the national budget and publish a statement on its implications for public health and ...

Rural-Proofing South Africa’s Laws

By Nealon Devore, ONE The RHAP was the final runner-up for the 2012 One Africa Award! Read this blog by One’s Nealon Deavore: With two-and-a-half staff members RHAP has made a name for itself in South African policy and medical circles in less than two years. Seeking an avenue for their voices to be heard, RuDASA (Rural Doctors Associatio ...

RHAP Launches New Project: Rural Proofing Policy and Budgeting Programme

On Tuesday the 20th November, the RHAP will hold its first Working Group Meeting of the Rural-Proofing and Budgeting Programme. This new project aims to advocate for improved access to quality health care services in rural South Africa through more equitable and effective planning and financing of rural health services. Programme objectives are ...

Rural-proofing the commuted overtime policy for medical practitioners.

The success of many of the new health initiatives underway, such as the NHI, PHC Re-Engineering and the new NSP for HIV, TB and STIs stand or fall with the availability of sufficient health care workers in rural areas. This is underlined by hte new HRH Strategy for South Africa, launched in October 2012. Burn-out and better working conditions i ...