New Strategic Framework: 2017-2021

New Strategic Framework: 2017-2021

After a consultative process that included stakeholder consultations, internal and external evaluations, the RHAP Board has adopted the 5 year strategic framework for the period 2017-2021

Vision: Rural Communities Accessing Equitable and Quality Health Care

Mission: Promoting, Protecting and Realising the Right to Rural Health Care by Connecting Practice, Policy and Partners 

The new strategy speaks to the context of growing budget austerity and resulting HRH pressures. We seek to make visible the impact on services, in particular on rural people’s access to health care in the most deprived parts of our country, mostly former homelands. The great majority of people living here are dependent on the public health system but are often disproportionately affected by the cost-containment measures. This is due to a complex interplay of high levels of poverty, low economies of scale, high HRH vacancies and difficulties attracting health care workers, large distances to facilities with high out of pocket expenditures and high levels of unmet need in turn leading to lower utilisation rates.

In this next phase, we strive to continue our collaborative work with Government, notably Health and Treasury, in seeking solutions that protect and promote access to health care for rural communities, despite the challenges of the current times. We also wish to put more of a spotlight on the good practices out there in the rural areas, driven by passionate health managers and rural health care teams wanting to make a difference despite the odds.

Lastly, we focus on building the advocacy competencies of health care workers and community voice in our work as we believe we can only succeed in our advocacy in partnership with advocacy-competent health care workers and the communities most affected.