NHI and Rural Health

This submission in response to the Green Paper on NHI is made by the Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa, the Rural Health Advocacy Project, the Wits Centre for Rural Health, the UKZN Centre for Rural Health, the Ukwanda Centre for Rural Health, Africa Health Placements, Rural Rehab South Africa and the University of Cape Town: Primary Health Care Directorate.

This submission sets out the potential effects of the proposed National Health Insurance on rural communities, in terms of access, quality and equity. As a result of previous disadvantage and current inequity in health status and access to health services affecting rural areas, as well as the relative lack of capacity to reverse the situation, a specific strategy is proposed to ensure that these inequities are not worsened in the future by the introduction of NHI, but instead are pro-actively addressed by weighting interventions in favour of those who are most disadvantaged.

Read the submission: NHI_GreenPaper-RuDASA and partners_11 December 2011