RHAP welcomes new HRH plan for South Africa

RHAP welcomes the new HRH Plan for South Africa which embraces many of the issues the RHAP and its partners have been advocating for. The new plan has a strategic priority area dedicated to Access in Rural and Remote Areas with a number of critical objectives, including:


  • Ensure that allocation of Community Service health professionals is focussed on underserved and rural areas
  • Ensure that provinces do not freeze critical health professional posts in underserved and rural areas as part of hiring moratoria resulting from overspending, through the development of norms for minimum numbers of health professionals for district facilities.
  • Agreement on a definition of ‘rurality and remoteness’ to inform resource allocations such as rural allowance, and policies such as OSD, and to measure and compare progress in closing the equity gap between rural and urban areas;
  • Increase the proportion of rural students in health professional courses in South Africa;
  • Increase the proportion of training of health professionals that occurs in rural areas;
  • Increase the uptake of suitably qualified foreign health workers;
  • Improve living conditions including accommodation

It is critical that the planned Rural HRH task team is constituted with immediate effect. The success of the National Health Insurance will greatly depend on the successful and urgent implementation of the HRH Strategy. Furthermore, we call for a dedicated budget to make these excellent intentions a reality. Download the full strategy here (FILE SIZE TOO LARGE).