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RURAL HEALTH CHAMPION: Challenges aside, Dr Lotz tackles TB in rural South Africa one patient at a time

For doctors working in South Africa’s rural areas, TB remains a significant challenge. Aside from the immense geographical barriers, which means that patients often needing to walk hours to reach the nearest clinic, there are also infrastructure issues  which complicate diagnostics and a lack of data which makes it hard to understand the disease burden, to name but a few. These are just some insights from Dr John-D Lotz, a dedicated family physician, who has been making significant strides in providing healthcare at Madwaleni Hospital in the rural Eastern Cape. Dr Lotz is also a lecturer at Walter Sisulu University. […]


From Passion to Purpose: Lungi Gamede’s Journey as a nurse

Nurses are the unsung heroes of rural communities, where access to healthcare can be limited and the challenges they face are unique. In these areas, nurses play a vital role in providing essential medical services, often serving as the primary healthcare providers for entire communities. Their dedication and innovative approaches not only improve health outcomes but also foster community resilience and empowerment. RHAP spoke to Lungi Gamede, a midwife at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, whose journey into nursing began with a deep-seated passion for healthcare ignited during her childhood. Accompanying her mother to antenatal check-ups, Lungi was captivated by the miracles of […]


Budget takes steps in the right direction but we need more details Mr Finance Minister

22 February 2024 The Rural Health Advocacy Project acknowledges the efforts of Finance Minister EnochGodongwana in delivering his 2024 budget vote this week. As champions of the most marginalised health users in the country, it is encouraging to see theminister make direct references to health, introducing budgeting initiatives that will tackle someof the most pressing challenges. But this is only the first step – and in general more detail isneeded to ensure that people’s constitutional health rights will actually be realised. Godongwana this week announced that health would be allocated a total of R848 billion overthe next three years. This […]


16 Days of Activism sheds light on rural healthcare challenges in the fight against GBV

In a united global effort, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) kicked off on Saturday, 25 November and came to an end on Sunday, 10 December, igniting conversations and actions against GBV. Conversations about violence against women and girls are important because they serve as a critical tool for raising awareness about the prevalence and various forms of gender-based violence, shedding light on the often-hidden aspects of this issue. By openly addressing the challenges women and girls face, societies can collectively work towards dismantling harmful stereotypes, norms, and attitudes that perpetuate such violence. These conversations also play […]


Proactive Healthcare Governance: A Key to Achieving Universal Health Coverage in South Africa

Primary Healthcare (PHC) is the driving force behind efforts to improve access to quality healthcare for all South Africans. This critical tool aims to bridge the healthcare gap across the country and ensure that people receive the care they need, regardless of their location. The Alma Ata principles underpin this approach, making PHC an integral part of the ongoing fight against the challenges that come with a growing population.


Rural Health Advocacy Project rallies behind the findings of the Child Poverty report

The Child Poverty report delves beyond the numerical façade to uncover the stark reality of child poverty that has gripped our nation. It lays bare a disheartening truth: a staggering eight million children in South Africa grapple with inadequate nutrition, a blatant violation of our constitutional mandate to ensure that every child is provided with the fundamental right to access basic nutrition. This revelation, undoubtedly distressing, seeks to exert immense pressure on the Treasury, urging them to reconsider their policy stance on financial consolidation and the persistent reduction in social spending


Rural healthcare — a constant struggle against heavy odds

As the government fails to fulfil its constitutional mandate of providing equitable healthcare services to all South Africans, healthcare workers have stepped in. They often have to moonlight as researchers, community advocates and social workers, and even contribute to health policy development.