Vision & Mission

RHAP’s vision is a health system where rural communities access equitable, quality health care services.

Guided by the law and the principles of access and equity, RHAP functions as an activist think-tank and rural health hub, seeking to contribute to the fulfilment of the Right to Rural Health Care. We do so by researching and monitoring rural health realities; giving voice to health care workers’ and communities’ lived experiences, and proposing recommendations. We aim to bring rural realities to the centre of decision-making processes by connecting rural practice with policy and partners. Our specific focus is on policy advocacy; human resources for rural health; health budgets and monitoring the state of rural health care.

Against the context provided above, our theory of change is based on the following building blocks:

Rural communities will realise their right to access equitable and quality health care, if health policies are rural-proofed; allocated adequate funding and if there are sufficient, caring and advocacy competent health care workers in a functional health care system based on Primary Health Care principles. Rural health improvements require an active Community and Health Care Worker Voice and are influenced by the broader context of the Rural Determinants of Health.

Our Theory of Change is visualised below:


Our four focus areas are:

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