What We Do

RHAP focuses on four main areas:

  • Rural Health Policy
  • Rural Health Care Financing
  • Human Resources for Rural Health (HR4RH) and
  • Rural policy mplementation

We work from the premise that If rural friendly policies are adopted and there is equitable and adequate financing for rural health, together with sufficient, caring health workers and effective, efficient implementation of policies in the presence of the required social determinants of health, this will lead to improved rural health care which will result in healthy rural communities. This pathway for rural health is illustrated in the figure below.


The RHAP aims to make a contribution to realising “Healthy rural communities” through improved rural health care. Broad as this field is, it is only one component of healthy communities. Rural communities can only truly achieve the highest possible level of health through a combination of social, mental and physical well-being. This requires all sectors influencing the health of rural communities to collaborate and to provide comprehensive services. Beyond health care, this includes sectors such as social development, transport, education and local government. RHAP is committed to support and work with these other sectors towards realisation of this common end goal.

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