On International Nurse Day, let us recognize the critical role of nurses in addressing health system challenges in rural South Africa

08 May 2023

Join RHAP and RuNurSA in commemoration of  International Nursing Day on Friday, May 12 2023. Nursing is a critical component of healthcare delivery in South Africa, with 56% of healthcare workers being nurses. Rural communities, who often rely on primary healthcare services, interact with nurses more than any other healthcare worker in the system. 

However, due to the demographic transition within nursing and the poor performance of rural districts in key health indicators, we must ask: Can nursing community service programs mitigate health systems challenges in rural areas?

At the webinar, RHAP launches a report that focuses on the nursing crisis in South Africa and the challenges faced by rural health districts. South Africa is currently experiencing a nursing shortage of up to 62,000 professional nurses, with demand expected to increase to 305-340,000 by 2030. Without enough nurses, both public and private health systems are at risk and the achievement of universal health coverage is at stake.

During the upcoming webinar, experts will share their insights on the program, including the challenges and opportunities it presents. They will also discuss initiatives that can contribute to achieving Universal Health Coverage, a critical goal for global health systems.

Members of the media are invited to join the webinar:

Date: 12 May 2023

Time: 10:00 – 11:30

Register: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUkcO6hrzIjHtUUSGgmBVnt-N8atyLznNdK

Media enquires 

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