About Us

The Rural Health Advocacy Project is a leading health advocacy organisation based in Johannesburg, advocating for equitable access to quality health care for rural communities in the whole of South Africa. Informed by the voices of rural Health Care Workers (HCWs) and communities on the ground, partner organisations, stakeholders and primary and secondary research, RHAP uses its urban-based access to decision-makers to conduct advocacy, generate debate, monitor implementation of health policies in rural areas, support pro-equity government interventions, and influence decision-making that is in tune with rural realities. While small in size, RHAP is large in reach through its innovative programmes and strategic partnerships and networks across the country. We focus primarily on issues affecting access and equity within the primary health care context, ranging from access to health care workers in the rural areas to adequate budgets and rural-friendly policies. The RHAP is a not-for profit initiative and we derive our mandate from the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, which guarantees all people in South Africa to progressively realise their rights to health care. RHAP was founded in 2009 by the Wits Centre for Rural Health, SECTION27 and the Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa who remain among RHAP’s core partner organisations to date.