Resources: Policies

A handy list of external links to current policies that relate to the work that RHAP does.

Western Cape Health Facility Boards and Committees Act, 2016 – Act 4 of 2016

Mpumalanga Guidelines: Primary Health Care Facilities Committees

Eastern Cape Policy on the Establishment and Functioning of Clinic and Community Health Centre Committees, May 2009

Gauteng Policy guidelines for the establishment and operation of primary health care facility committees. Draft 1, 4 January 2009

Northwest Extraordinary Provincial Gazette, Vol. 250, 29 September 2008, No. 6538 – North West Health Bill, 2008

KwaZulu-Natal Health Act, 2009 – Act 1 of 2009

KwaZulu-Natal Clinic and Community Health Centre Committees Regulations, 2012

Free State Health Act, 2009 – Act 3 of 2009